Music by Pauli Marttinen

This is a page of information on my compositions. You can download sheet music for free as PDF files. You are free to perform and record any music on this page as long as the audience is informed about me as the composer. If you do, I would also like to be informed about it. If you want to use my music as part of something else, like an advertisement or a new composition, please consult to me first.

If you notice anything that's different in a part and in the score, please report to me.

Sonata for Piano and Flute, op. 1

Composed as a grade 4 examination piece for a pianist friend of mine. Note that it's not a flute sonata; it's a piano sonata with a flute. Premiered on the exam by Joonas Mäkinen (piano) and Hanna-Maija Rämä (flute) on 2008-06-02.

Adagio for String Quartet, op. 2

A depressed piece for string quartet. Music content isn't inspired by Barber, but the idea of a sad adagio for strings is. Suitable for a student string quartet. Premiered by Aaro Helander (1st violin), Noora Saksa (2nd violin), Johanna Vainikainen (viola) and Tuomas Roos (cello) on 2008-05-06.

Intermezzo for Violin and Piano, op. 3

Begins with a broad introduction by piano, but eventually turns into a light, jolly melody. Premiered by Jenna Metsäketo (violin) and Markus Fagerudd (piano) on 2008-11-22.

Saltarello on a Merry-Go-Round, op. 4

A piece for a grade 3-4 wind band. The conductor of my band one day asked me to write a piece to the band, so I wrote this little dance in 5/8 time. (Not a real saltarello.) Premiered by Kymi Wind Band I & Kotka Youth Band, conducted by Aleksi Saraskari on 2009-03-28.

Romance in B flat for piano, Something Made Me Remember, op. 5

Stigmella, op. 6

Another grade 3-4 wind band piece. Premiered by Kymi Wind Band I, conducted by me on 2011-01-06. A performance note: the dotted eighths are to be played as is, that is, not as triplet swing.

Korobeiniki, arrangement of the Russian folk song for orchestra, op. 7

The famous Russian folk song Korobeiniki (popularly known as the Tetris A Theme) arranged in a czardas-like structure. Maybe appropriate for an encore?